Youth New Evangelization


Spiritual Renewal Seminar Series

"We must keep on our guard against giving interpretations that are hazardous, or opposed to science, and so exposing the Word of God to the ridicule of unbelievers...."
St. Augustin of Hippo

The Foundations of Faith:

Seminar Topic to be covered
1 Introduction, Why these seminars? 
The two worlds we live in. The nature of our very existence.
2 Creation or Evolution, or... both? Evolution of the Universe, 
plant and animal life, Adam & Eve.
3 God communicates with us! The Scriptures, what do they say? How to interpret them?
We are not alone - Apparitions of Jesus and Mary.
4 The Ten Commandments movie.
5 Who is this awesome GOD?
6 Jesus of Nazareth I
Jesus' life from annunciation till His Passion and death on the Cross.
7 Jesus of Nazareth II
His Passion and Crucifixion; why was He so loved by some and hated by others?
8 Theotokos - Mary, Mother of GOD
9 The Holy Trinity. Spirituality and the afterlife

The Christian Morality:

Seminar Topic to be covered
10 Making Christian Decisions
11 The Original Sin
What is a sin anyway? The effect of Reconciliation, Baptism
12 Friendship ----> "I do"
The relationships between a man and a woman, how God sees it?
13 The Mission movie
14 Building the Church - God relies on His Church on Earth
15 The Apostle Paul
16 Joan of Arc movie

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