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The Apparition of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother

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Our Blessed Mother

GOD Communicates With Us

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Blessed Mother

Mary, mother of Our Lord has had a very special position with GOD and She is among the most important saints in heaven. By being the mother of Jesus, she is also the most reverred saint by the Catholic Church.

As discussed earlier in Chapter 6, she was born in Jerusalem of father Johachin (Heli) and mother Anna. She conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit while still being virgin, at her age of about 13. Mary lived a holy life throughout her entire life and shared much of Jesus' suffering during His crucifixion. Subsequently, she became an active member, and builder of our Church. After her "death" she was raised to heaven "body and soul" by the act of Assumption. I.e. we say, Mary was assumed to heaven. According to the Bible, Mary was another saint assumed to heaven. The first, was the prophet Elijah. It seems that assumption is reserved for only very special saints because it by-passes the agony of natural death. Our Church believes, that subsequently she was crowned as a Queen of heaven and earth.

After her assumption to heaven however, Mary's servitude to GOD and to our Church does not end. There have been hundreds of reported apparitions of Jesus and Mary worldwide, especially during the last 100 years.

GOD Communicates With Us

Since GOD has always been invisible and mysterious to us, He communicates with us a number of ways. The two main channels of communication are: through Scriptures, like jewish scrolls, Bible and Qu'ran, and also directly through Prophets.

People would know that the prophet was genuine because certain signs would accompany his/her prophesy:

  • God would choose simple, uneducated people as prophets, who would speak highly intelligent things so that everyone could recognize that such speech can not be from the prophet himself, but must be from GOD.
  • Prophets would communicate prophesies which would eventually materialize.
  • Often times such communication with GOD (His angels or other supernatural beings) would be accompanied with genuine ecstatic states which people would witness, or prophets could perform miracles. (The famous are those of Eliah or Moses, who would have waters open so they could cross on dry land).
During the later Christian era, and especially during the past 200 years, numerous apparitions of Jesus and Mary were documented. Such apparitions have always taken place for a reason. One very important of such apparitions was the apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. 

Our Lady of Fatima

During her apparitions she asked for the "reparation for the sins of humanity", and for the "devotion to her Immaculate Heart". Throughout her apparitions three things stood out repeatedly:
  • request for prayers
  • need for our conversion
  • need for our sacrifices
When asked by the visionary, a 10 years old Lucia to heal some people in the crowd, she responded: "some would be cured, others not", and "If they would be converted, they would be healed". She also said: "It is necessary to ammend our lives and ask pardon for our sins". She concluded her apparitions with the statement: "Offend Our Lord GOD no more, for He is already much offended". 

Now, does this sound like GOD is happy with us, christians, and that we would all be saved???

As far as the timing of the apparitions of our Lady, and the miracle of the sun in Fatima, they are not coincidental. The miracle took place on October 13th, 1917. The Russian "Great October Revolution" culminated on October 25th, 1917, when Bolshevics stormed governmental buildings in several Russian cities and the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

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