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This site was originally conceived as an indispensable part of my teaching advanced catechesis at the FCMM and later at St.Malachy's Parishes in Montréal in order to incorporate a significant Spiritual Renewal component into my teaching. Here it was modified recently to include catechist's resources together with an entire on line course in Catechesis so that interested catechists, evangelization lecturer's and their students can enormously benefit from its content inspired by the Holy Spirit. While the contents within is based primarily on the teachings of the Catholic Church, it is a multi-faith project addressing all believers in the only one God.

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A school for teaching on the relationship of Jesus with Man

January 6, 1996, Cochabamba, Bolivia; Jesus Christ through His secretary Catalina Rivas:

Let Us Talk About Love

  "In order for each one of you to progress, My will must be fulfilled after the soul has managed to overcome certain difficulties predisposed by Me. Think, each one of you, about yourself in the time elapsed since your conversion and do not forget that if I delayed in manifesting My glory it was because I wanted that manifestation to be much greater.
   Do you believe that at the age of ten I could not have manifested the wonders that I performed when I was thirty? However, I waited and diligently prepared in silence until the day appointed by My Father for My presentation. Bear in mind that I talk about Myself as a man, since My example has been necessary for you, and not only that of My sacrifice on Calvary, but also of My childhood, of My concealment in the little house at Nazareth. I prepared Myself thirty years for only three years of activity. Today this house is that little house at Nazareth.
   Here, through My beloved daughter, I want to give you your last instructions because you have pleased My heart with your efforts... I am God who is deeply grateful and recognize the efforts that are made for My greater glory, just as I contemplate with sorrow the graces that are allowed to slip away since you do not know how to receive them.
   Open your eyes, look how great the field is in which I am preparing you day by day. I promise you, you will gather from this field all the fruit that I have reserved for you if you remain faithful and steadfast.
   You, who believe in Me, leave everything to Me, because no one except Me can understand your longing, and no one except Me can appease it, since I gave it to you to call you to certain things. And if I gave you the desire, should I not know how to satisfy it?
   Say "enough" to your anxieties, calm yourselves, rest in My heart, because divine harmony will be revealed if you hear only one heartbeat.
   I know that I have said enough. As you chirp like a little bird calling to the mother for its much desired food, I have revealed a great deal of your mysteries, of those doubts that darken the mind of man.
   Let us sit together and talk about the love that I want to give you, since this is the discourse that I always nourish, because you have to grow a lot in love. I tell you this because I have a particular preference for you.
   I shall help you, yes, of course I shall. But it is so that you will love Me, so that you will grow to the stature that I want to give you all..."

Poem: Don't be afraid o human soul!

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