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The promise of a helper - The Holy Spirit

Book, Chapter 8 (Faith First)
Book, Chapter 7 (Be My Disciple)

In this chapter we discuss the following topics: 

The spiritual world

Jesus' promise of an advocate

The spiritual world

We will recall that our world is composed of two worlds:
  • The physical world
  • The spiritual world
The spiritual world is made up of at least three "Heavens". There may be as many as seven Heavens or perhaps more, but for simplicity sake let us assume for now that there are three.

The suggested boundary between the Heavens 1 and 2 is the separation between "life" and "death" as we know it. We, mortal beings can only cross this barrier as spirits just before our birth and then upon our death. The Heaven 2 is reserved for all spirits. It is also called "The world of the dead" (Ezek 26:19,20). In some editions of the Bible it is sometimes refered to as "the pit".  The Heaven 3 is "The Kingdom of GOD". No spirit may cross its boundary without the knowledge or approval of GOD. In the Bible, its boundary is sometimes refered to as "The Gates of Heaven".

In the world of spirits we will receive much understanding and knowledge we did not have on Earth. Throughout the human history people attempted consulting mediums to learn from the knowledge of these spirits. But because these spirits often are bad (God's rejects), God does not wish us to follow their advice (Lev. 19:31) and He wants us to follow only the advice of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus' promise of an advocate

To His apostles, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit (Jn.16:5-7) as a helper. It is the Holy Spirit which gives knowledge, understanding and courage to prophets and to ordinary lay people within the Church of Jesus Christ. Such knowledge and understanding was also given to the Evengelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John when writing the Gospels.

Unfortunately, there are many christians today who go to mass every Sunday, yet, did not accept the Holy Spirit in their lives and their participation in the church is purely external. In order to receive the Holy Spirit one must open his/her heart, and be open-minded so that the Holy Spirit Jesus is sending can enter (Lk.11:9-13)

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