Catechism On Line

The Jesus' Public Ministry

Book, Chapter 4 (Faith First)

In this chapter we discuss the following topics: 

Jesus' Public Ministry

Miracles; Jesus Calms the Sea


Jesus' Public Ministry

Jesus' public ministry began at His age of 30 after He was baptized by His cousin John the Baptist in the Jordan River. Since then He spent much of His time around the Sea of Galilee. (Sea of Galilee actually is a fresh water lake on the Jordan river. It covers 22.5 x 12 Km, and is 46 meters deep). It was in Galilee where Jesus called His apostles, and where He spend much time healing and preaching. His apostles were fishermen and many of the biblical stories center around fish, and the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus' public ministry was the work that God the Father sent Jesus, the Son of God, to do on earth with the help of the Holy Spirit

Jesus' Calms the Sea

This was only one of the series of miracles that Jesus performed so far, and the third non-healing miracle we know about (Lk.8:22-25, Matt.8:23-27, Mk.4:35-41). When crossing the Sea of Galilee in a boat, a violent storm broke out. The waves began to brake over the boat and the boat started filling up. His disciples woke up Jesus who was asleep in the stern at the time. Jesus commanded the wind and the sea to be quiet and so it happened. During this incident, as well as during his walk on the surface of the water at another occasion, Jesus pointed out the lack of the apostles' faith (Lk.8:25, Matt.14:31). After this His disciples strenghtened their faith and trust in Jesus. The more they observed Him, the stronger their faith and trust in God became.

These miracles Jesus performed were important because they were the signs that reminded the apostles of God's mighty power and loving presence in their lives. They also served as signs that God the Father sent Him and invitation to people to believe in Jesus.


Miracle is an action that goes beyond the laws of nature and invites us to deepen our faith in God.

ICHTHUS is a Greek word for fish. Besides the bible's often repeated relationship between Jesus and fishing, fishermen, and fish the symbolism of fish standing for Jesus was particularly important in the early Christianity, when Christians faced severe persecution. The persecutors unaware of its meaning would often overlook Christians "hiding" behind this symbol. To Christians though, the meaning ICHTHUS was clear:

Iesos Christos Theou Huios Soter --> Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour

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