Catechism On Line

Sacraments at the Service of Communion

Book, Chapter 17  (Faith First)
Book, Chapter 15, 16 (Be My Disciples)

In this chapter we discuss the following topics: 

Holy Orders


Holy Orders

Any baptized man may be ordained as a bishop, priest or deacon to serve the Church. Only bishop may ordain other bishops, priests and deacons.
Bishops and priests proclaim and preach the Word of God, lead us in celebrating the sacraments and guide us in living the Gospel. They stand for Christ and speak in His name.

Deacons help the priests. They proclaim the Word of God, can baptize and marry couples. In Catholic Church, deacons, as opposed to bishops and priests are allowed to marry.

The rite of ordination of a priest

  • Laying on of hands by ordaining bishop
  • Prayer of consecration by ordaining bishop
  • New priest receives "stole" and "chasuble"
    • stole - long narrow band worn round the neck by the priest.
    • chasuble - the outer vestment of a priest worn at the mass.
  • Anointing of palms of hands of the new priest with holy oil.


The sacrament of marriage which unites a baptized man and a baptized woman to love each other and to bring children into the world and to the Church.

The rite of marriage

  • The bride and the groom tell the priest and others that they are marrying freely.
  • They promise love and honor of each other until they die.
  • They promise to accept the children God pleases to send them and raise them according God's law.
  • The exchange of rings follows.
  • The priest asks God to bless the newly married couple.
Since our Church places much emphasis on sacramentally married life, it might lead to erroneous impression that extra-marrital relationships are not important to God. In fact, God has never defined "marriage". From Bible reading it becomes apparent that God has never condemned love between a man and woman, but He always put much emphasis on responsible sexuality which would be based on LOVE not on pure lust.

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