Catechism On Line

Baptism and Confirmation

Book, Chapter 12  (Faith First)
Book, Chapter 10, 11 (Be My Disciples))

In this chapter we discuss the following topics: 

Original Sin



Original Sin

Man was created in the state of original justice. When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God state of which we call original sin, sin was introduced into the world and the original justice was lost. Mankind was condemned. Jesus Christ came to the world to restore the original justice. Without this justice, and living under the state of sin deprives us from becoming children of God and heirs of Heaven.

The Effect of Baptism

At the time of conception in our mother's womb, we are strictly a product of evolution. God imparts our soul into our body to become full-fledged human beings.

Children are baptized for their souls to be given to the Holy Spirit. When baptized, we are filled with sanctifying grace and we can take advantage of the gifts of the Holy Spirit within us. We are joined to Christ and become members of body of Christ - the Church.

Baptized become:

  • children of God
  • members of the Church
  • temples of the Holy Spirit (receive the Holy Spirit)
  • receivers of forgiveness of sins
The baptized ceremonially "wash" away their sins and therefore cleanse their souls.


In the Catholic Church children are baptized within a few weeks after birth. This poses a dilemma since they are not making a conscious decision about their baptism to be meaningful. Therefore the Church adopted a third sacrament of initiation - confirmation. It seals and completes our baptism.

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