Catechism On Line

Thy Kingdom Come

Book, Chapter 10  (Faith First)
Book, Chapter 8 (Be My Disciples)

In this chapter we discuss the following topics: 

Who is the Church?

What is Church composed of?

The Hierarchy of Religious

The Marks of the Church

The Afterlife

Who is the Church?

Church is the body of Christ, the new people of God called together in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, i.e. you and me

In other words, as Paul puts it in his letter to Corinthians: Jesus is the head, and we are the body - the Church of Christ. We all, as members of the same body may have different gifts and talents which we are encouraged to use for the common good of the Church. Just as the eyes have different function from the ears, the hands or the legs, yet, they are all the memmbers of the same body, and each contribute their own special way to the well being of the whole body, so are we as individual members of the Church.

Just as Paul uses the analogy of the Church and a body, Jesus compares Himself to vine. He says: I am the vine and you are the branches (John 15:1-10)

Church is composed of:

  • Jesus Christ (head of the Church)
  • The laity and lay faithful (i.e. you and me)
  • Ordained ministers (the clergy)
    • bishops
    • priests
    • deacons
The pope is the bishop of Rome. He is the pastor of the Universal Church on Earth.
  • Religious communities - lay and ordained ministers who consecrated their lives to God; and where they live.
    • Monks - monasteries
    • Nuns - convents

The Hierarchy of Religious:

Function Title/Name Address Abrev.
The head of the Church Jesus Christ Lord
The leader of the Church on Earth The Pope His Holiness
Religious Cardinal His Eminence
Religious Bishop Monsignor Mgr.
Religious Priest (Pastor) Father (Reverence) Fr. (Rev.)
Religious Deacon Brother Br. (Bro)
Religious Monk, Nun Brother, Sister Br., Sis.

The Marks of the Church

  • Church is one
  • Church is holy
  • Church is catholic (universal)
  • Church is apostolic

The Afterlife offers three options of which the Kingdom of God is the true heaven. All who have been faithful to God and His commandments will live with God in happiness for ever. Some people however, may not be very bad, yet they are not good enough, and ready to receive the gift of eternal happiness. They will be given another chance to repent and to be prepared for heaven. This opportunity is called the Purgatory. Finally, there are many of those who were very bad people, and always refused to accept God and His righteousness. These souls are justly destined for Hell where they will be separated from God for ever.

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